Watching Sports

I thought I would keep this blog post a little lighter! So I just wondered where you tend to watch sports the most. Do you try and watch sports at the actual venue or do you prefer to watch them at home on the TV, on your laptop or at your local pub or sports bar? There is nothing better in my opinion than having a few friends round, getting some beer and snacks in and watching some sports in the comfort of your own home. That being said sometimes I just want some down time and will often stream sports by myself on my laptop. There is also no denying the atmosphere of watching sports live at the venue but this can become a costly occurrence. In regards to going to a bar to watch sports I am not particularly a fan! I don’t know, I just feel that if you go out to a bar then it should be a time for socialising which is often pretty difficult in these types of places. Often they will have several TVs showing different sports so it becomes hard to actually concentrate on just one of these and you often won’t be able to hear anything which makes it easier for people to lose interest. My partner always has a thing or two to say about this as well, she has no problem with me watching sports with friends or together at home but when we go out she finds pubs and bars playing sports very unsociable. Unless you are super interested in what’s being played, these types of places really don’t cater for you! I think she would like these places to have separate areas so that you can have the choice of whether you want to get involved in the sports or not, rather than it taking over the whole bar! I’m not so sure if that would work though… I would be interested to know what you guys think on this one!