Used Golf Clubs

Hi folks! Matt here and in this post I am going to tell you about my recent brush with the world of golf. “Very exciting” I hear you sigh. Well i promise to try and keep the whole story as upbeat and interesting as golf story possibly can be (wish me luck).

A Good Walk Spoiled?

golf 01

Winston Churchill famously stated that “golf is a good walk spoiled.” I would have tended to agree with him. I’ve never been much of a sportsman, full stop. But the last sport I ever thought I would find myself getting involved in was golf. It’s extremely boring to watch to say the least. And the idea of walking around a large field hitting little white balls into holes has never really appealed to me until recently. I say recently as a few months back a friend of mine convinced me to join him on a trip down to his local driving range. “I’m not playing golf!” I said. But he pointed out that I wouldn’t actually be playing golf properly and that hitting the golf balls down the range was actually quite therapeutic, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and went along for the ride. Now I must admit that I ended up quite enjoying myself all things considered. It was definitely a great stress reliever despite the fact that I couldn’t hit the balls in a straight line no matter how hard I tried. So when my friend invited me along for a second time, I was eager to oblige. It was during this second visit to the range that he broached the subject of coming along to his local club at the weekend for a short 9-hole game of golf to to if I enjoyed playing it for real. Well, I must say that I was having so much whacking balls down the range that he caught me with my guard down and I found myself agreeing to something that only a month before I would have run a mile from. This dawned on me the moment I got home, but not a man to break my word, there was no backing out.

A Game of Expletives?

golf 02

Mark Twain famously said that “golf is a game of expletives not deleted.” Well I can tell you that there was quite a bit of swearing come the weekend. Firstly , by me before I even left the house. I was really regretting agreeing to accompany my friend and was annoyed with myself for doing so. But I consoled myself with the fact that it would only be 9 holes rather than 18, it was a lovely day outside and there would be a cold beer a the bar once we had finished our half round. There was further swearing once we started we tee’d off. I could not hit the ball in the direction I wanted it to go for trying. Either that or I just bounced along the floor rather than soaring up into the air like I had seen the professionals do it on the TV. I was little embarrassed to say the least. But as my friend pointed out, it was my first time so there was nothing to be embarrassed about at all. I was still learning. Well, with a little tuition and few pointers from, by the time we reached the ninth hole I was much improved. No Tiger Woods I might add but much better than the guy who had been ripping the grass to shreds with his miss swings only a few hours before. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I had enjoyed it and so much so that I had two beers rather than just the one (I wasn’t driving!) Over our drinks my friend asked me if I would like to return the following weekend and maybe play a full round of 18 holes. I eagerly agreed.

Which Golf Clubs?


Well here I am 4 months later and I am completely hooked. I am now a fully signed up member at the club and now own a full set of clubs. (I’m keeping my handicap to myself for now, ha ha!)

I erred on the side of caution when buying the clubs and decided to look for a second hand set in the classified ads website. I found a used maxfli golf club set for sale online and have been very pleased with the way the weight and feel. They’re definitely well suited to me (or maybe I’m well suited to them?)

golf 03



I consulted with my friend before making the purchase and he advised me to check out this website first and see what the reviews were like for this particular brand of clubs:


I’m glad I did. It paid dividends.


Until next time!