Tiger Woods Arrested

Hello everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. First off, I would like to thank you all for clicking on us in your favourites, on in the search query or wherever else you got our link from. Now onto sports. Police officers in the town of Jupiter, Florida just recently released dashcam footage of Tiger Woods being arrested for driving under the influence last week. The officers noticed a Mercedes that had been pulled to the side in an awkward fashion with the engine still running, and the brake and right signal lights on. Both of the driver side tires were flat at this point and there was what appeared to be fresh damage on the same side

In the video, officers are seen approaching the car/Woods, who was disoriented about his location. The officers then leads the golf pro through field sobriety tests that he stumbles his way through, before placing him under arrest. The later took the former PGA Champion to a testing facility where a breathalyzer was administered. Here is the kicker though, Tiger blew a 0.00. He claims that his condition was caused by prescription medication, and I would believe it. I know what some of the stuff they prescribe professional athletes is and it is insane. The golfer was described as co-operative, yet unable to walk on his own and found it hard to keep his eyes open. 

Woods is a 14 time World Golf Major champion who is recovering from his fourth back operation. Maybe the painkillers prescribed are too much, or they have accumulated in his body. Records show he had Solarex, Vicodin, Torix, and Vioxx in his system and according to Tiger this was his first time taking Vioxx this year. He has since taken responsibility for his actions, saying the mix of medication was stronger than previously thought. My guess is the poor guy needed some sleep and ended up sleep driving instead. I hope he gets better soon, the golfing world misses him.

 tiger woods arrested