Rock on!

Hi folks, welcome back to the blog. So I am always talking about sports of one kind or another but today I have something even more exciting to tell you about. Well I find it exciting at least so hopefully you will to! I have always loved riding my motorcycle and recently decided that I wanted to go traveling. The genius in me, or perhaps the crazy, decided it would be great to combine the two. So yes, I am going to go traveling on my motorbike! Just me, my motto and a rucksack. I have been working in the same job for a while now and would like a change. The idea of just driving off into the sunset on my motorbike is pretty damn exciting, particularly in knowing that I have no set plans and no set time scale. It’s so exhilarating to have that kind of freedom. Some people find the idea fritherless, immature and insensible but I think most of those people are just scared and probably realise they should have done it a long time ago! I know if I don’t do it I will definitely regret it later in life. I have plenty of time to settle down with a family and career but this is something I want and need to do for myself. I think in my last post I adhered to the fact that so many of the people in my home town are stuck in there ways and most likely have never even left the state, let alone the country.

So, the US is obviously a big country but I plan to see as much of it as I possibly can and aim to make my way up towards Canada. That is the only real plan I have  to eventually end up in Canada at some point in the next year. I have a lot of savings and also a small online business which should keep me ticking over. If I find somewhere that I really like though I may stay there for a while and get some work for a month or so. I don’t want to get bogged down with commitments but sometimes needs must. To be fair, actually living in a place for a while helps you to appreciate it more and you get a real sense of what the place is like apart from just seeing it from a tourists perspective. I will basically just go with the flow and see what happens. Who knows what could happen and how I feel a few months down the line, I may fall in love……….with a place (not a girl! I’m not that stupid) and decide to stay there! I really do want to head to Canada though as I have never been there before and I have heard that there are some amazing open roads to explore!

So a lot of this journey is going to be on rough terrain and I don’t really think my little, well used motorcycle is going to quite cut it. I really need something that is better off road and a lot more powerful. To be honest I have no idea what to expect from the journey in regards to driving but I want to be prepared for the worst and to make sure I have the best tool I can for the job. With this in mind I wanted to get a type of bike that will kick rough terrain in the arse so I have been looking at rokon motorcycles. Not sure if you guys have heard of these so check out this website for a better idea;

These bad boy machines are described as the ultimate off road vehicles. They aren’t the fastest vehicles around but what they lack in speed they make up for in power and robustness. The speed issue really doesn’t faze me to be honest as I plan to take it slow and absorb as much of the scenery as I can. I think sometimes when you are driving you often miss a lot so it will be good to take it steady and really see everything that there is to offer. I can’t really afford to buy a brand new Rokon due to saving money for my travels and all but I have found a good looking used rokon on an online buy and sell site. The used rokon I have seen looks in great condition and is being sold at a very reasonable price. It is the cheapest used rokon I have seen so far but as this is a long term investment I want to keep my options open and make sure I am buying the right one. If you guys have any experience in buying a used rokon or a similar second hand product it would be really great to hear from you!