Pool Tables Uncovered

Pool Tables Uncovered

As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m an avid sports fan and pretty much like to watch most sports. Well some sports I actually get chance to play quite a lot. I’m not nimble like I once was so I tend to stay away from the heavy sports like football, hockey, basketball and soccer. You might remember from a previous post that I was big into grid iron and did some coaching after my playing career was cut short.

This next article is covering the topic of pool tables. Earlier this year I found an old used pool table for sale (Check-out the link I’ve provided). It’s in mint condition and had already been re-clothed so happy days. I didn’t have the bucks to spend a trash load of cash on a brand new one but got a decent Brunswick Antique style slate bed for under a grand. As usual when you have to buy something second-hand or make a compromise on the price, you like to check out what else there is to offer on the market & what you’d pay for something at the top-end of the market.

Brunswick Pool Tables

Brunswick to be fair have a very nice range and if I could have bought one brand new, then I definitely would have. Checkout the range available on their website. You can spend anything from an Allenton for around the $1000 mark, all the way up to $40,000 for the Isabella. They’re probably the most well-known mainstream brand. The varitions in design are what make them a brand of choice. The Savanna for instance really sticks out as its bold leg connectors make it look blocky in design. Bridgeport has that more refined feel and are more attractive to look at. If you want something with subtle class then the Manhattan is worth a look.

Olhausen Pool Tables

Olhausen has 10+ different offerings available to suit almost any pool hall or home games room. They just don’t do cheap pool tables. Their range is of the highest quality and as you move up through the list of tables available, you’ll see the price going up and up and up. If you can afford one of these beauties then fair play, you’ll have a super nice piece of kit. Be it the Tournament series, the Modern Series or the Decadent series, they’re all lovely looking tables that play superbly well.

Diamond Pool Tables

If you’re a professional, then Diamond would probably be the table manufacturer of choice. They are respected as a top brand worldwide and offer not just tables for the highest professional in the leading tournaments but they also offer more affordable tables for any old Joe. Their main brand lines are PRO-AM, The Professional and the Smart. They don’t go crazy on design but all tables have a modern simplistic design which is done in great taste. The cushion/rail system can’t be beaten by any of the other manufacturers. They have a patent-pending bi-level design so really are unique from others in the market. The PRO-AM line is their most standard line if you like. The smart line is basically the PRO-AM with coin operation mechanisms fitted. The Professional tables are obviously aimed at serious pros. These have the most sophisticated design and cost the most money.

Presidential Pool Tables

Besides the aforementioned, Presidential are another brand worth a mention. This company is a little different as they focus on custom pool tables for the elite. They don’t mass produce lines like the others, they concentrate on offering unique one-off tables to their clients based on their desired design. This doesn’t come cheap as the name would suggest but if you’ve seriously got some cash to burn and are just after a show-piece table for your mansion say, this might be the brand for you.


In Summary

I’m personally a fan of Brunswick and I think they offer the best range available out of the mainstream market players. There’s other smaller companies out there that also do decent ranges and your likely to find others that do customised tables like Presidential.

If you can’t afford a new one, check out some second-hand tables. Providing they’ve been looked after and the cloths good, second-hand pool tables can be a great cheaper alternative.

Time to get off now, hope you enjoyed the post. See you see with my next article. Please feel free to comment.