Office for New Sports Physiotherapy Practice

Office for New Sports Physiotherapy Practice

I’ve recently completed a course in Physiotherapy so me and my business partner are now looking into opening a small office from where we can run our practice. In my Gridiron playing days during my early to mid-20’s, I suffered from various bone fractures so have undergone a lot of gruelling physiotherapy in my time. This is therefore obviously something that’s close to my heart. I can no longer play myself as the years have took their toll and I haven’t got the pace I used to possess but opening this practice will give me a chance to help those who have suffered similar injuries.

My Love for Gridiron

I took an interest in Gridiron from an early age and although I played in college, it wasn’t until a few years later that I really got serious about the sport. I joined a local Team when I was 20 and absolutely fell in love with the physicality of the game. Over time, I also began to learn more about tactics and strategy as well as the physical conditioning side. It was towards the end of my playing days after a bout of injuries, that I was then able to make the transition to Coach. Since I left the coaching behind, I have had a real itch to get back into the Sport. I do try and see my Team the Tennessee Titans as much as possible although they are not performing too well this campaign. Although I don’t see myself coaching again in the foreseeable future, the Physiotherapy practice will allow me to work with those who are still playing. I can hopefully play an important part in helping them to regain their fitness and overcome their injuries. I have already agreed to work as a physio and rehabilitation consultant for a local Team in the area.

A New Challenge

I now have a suitable venue for the practice which is not too far from home and has ample space to work in. Fortunately, I have a friend of the family who is a retired Physiotherapist and he has been able to provide me with a lot of the equipment that I need to get my practice up and running. He also specialised in Sports related injuries and many of his ex-patients played Gridiron at various levels. He’s been a great help and has provided me with some sound advice about the field of Physiotherapy and I now feel ready to embark on the new challenge. Thanks to him I already have some great contacts with clients already lined up. As I mentioned, most importantly he’s been able to provide me with various equipment from treatment tables to massage chairs some of which are expensive pieces of kit. This has been a God send as I don’t have a huge budget and without his help I could never have conceived of starting-up my own practice.

Designing My Office Space

All I need now is some equipment for the office side of things like a desk for me to work at and somewhere to file my paperwork. Although I have ample space, the physiotherapy equipment has taken up a lot of room and I obviously need space to work in with my patients. I therefore need to be clever with how I organise my office space. I had been looking at Ikea as they are a reputable brand and do have some nice furniture with a great range of products but everything I’ve looked at is a little but out of my price range. As well as a decent sized desk and a filing cabinet, I would also like a decent chair as I will be spending a lot of my time working at a desk on the computer in-between seeing my patients. I could ideally do with a tall narrow filing cabinet to help utilize the space better and a corner style desk if possible although they are not as easy to find as a standard style desk. I have been offered some office equipment from different members of the family but nothing that I’ve seen has really appealed to me. Although I want to save money where possible, I do still want the practice to look professional with the design and layout to be done with an element of taste. After all, the patients will be spending a lot of time there and the office will pretty much be my second home. It’s going to require a lot of work and a lot of hours grafting if I want it to be a success and provide me with a sustainable income.

Ready to Open!

After scouring the internet, I have managed to find a pretty useful site where you can buy a healthy range of used office furniture I have already ordered a desk from the site which has fitted my needs perfectly. I had no issue from ordering to receiving the goods and most importantly, the desk is in immaculate condition considering the low price and the fact that it was second hand. I am very happy with my new Office and my practice will be ready to open very soon.