My first memories of playing Sports.

Hey guys, hope you have had a good week! Watching and playing lots of Sports hopefully! Anyway, I thought I would change tact a little bit and discuss our first experiences and memories of playing and watching sports. I thought that this would make for a nice change of pace and that it would be a good way for us all to share and express our love for. Sorry if I sound a bit soppy here but sharing is caring after all!

So, I guess meaning as I started this topic then I should really go first. When I was younger I wasn’t exactly built for sport. I would always look on from the side-lines in admiration and frustration at my skinny, short and weak frame. My dad loved sports but he was never one of those fathers who forced me into it. He never made me feel that if I didn’t learn how to kick a football or hit a hockey puck that I was a failure. Anyway, one day my dad could see that I was really disappointed because I didn’t get picked for my schools soccer team. So he says to me,  “Look, maybe Soccer isn’t your sport but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something that you will be good at we just need to find out what”. From that day onwards my Dad endeavoured to take me to every sports club we could find in the local area, adamant that I would find one sport that I had potential with. Well persistence paid off and eventually we started going to karate classes. It was a great way for me to let out my pent up anger and I had the focus and determination it required. So I guess if it wasn’t for my Dad I may just have given up on sports all together!!