Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

I wanted to take a little time just appreciate his mammoth abilities and the impact he’s had on the game. The ridiculous stats that he’s accumulated over his flourishing career definitely stack up against the very best.



Against all the odds

The average NBA player will have been in the game for around 5 years at the point of his retirement. Compare this to Bryant’s 20 years in the game and there is no contest. Apparently the taller you are the more chance you’ve got at a prolonged career. Bryant is 6ft 6in which in basketball terms is just below the average at 6ft 7in. Studies on the sport have also identified that if you play in the guard position, the same as Bryant, or as a forward, this will also mean a shorter career compared to say a centre. The fact that he has spent all his time at the Lakers also deserves some recognition. Maybe it’s that which has helped him to remain consistent through the seasons.

True Ambassador

His passing, footwork, midrange shooting and positional rebounding have all been top notch. In his later years, with more injuries and a reduction in speed, his skill level has improved even further as he can no longer just skim past his man with pace. Kobe is a true ambassador for the sport and I for one will be sad to see him hang up his sneakers.