IAAF and Boxing

So after all the recent hoo-har with the Ruski’s and them subsequently being banned from all international athletics competitions we all thought that Seb Coe (the new president of the IAAF) was going to come in and clean everything up. Now even he has been caught up in a bit a scandal, that relates to the awarding of the World Championships in Eugene in 2021. He was vice-president at the time but he is thought to have leaned on the then president to award it to Eugene, without a voting process, even though Gothenburg, in Sweden, were interested. They are calling for an inquest into the matter. I thought Seb was squeaky clean. If he is dirty, then we have no hope!


So this weekend there is a big boxing match in the heavyweight division, between the champion Wladimir Klitschko (of Germany) and the challenger Tyson Fury (of the UK). The champion has not lost since 2004 but it is not often he faces someone that is actually bigger than him. Fury stands at nearly 2.06 metres. He’s a very big man. He is also a lot younger, at 27 (the champion is 39) so I think this is going to be his biggest test for a very long time. David Haye was supposed to be a sterner test but ultimately his size inferiority led to him being comfortably beaten. I also think the USA’s Deontay Wilder would be a good match for Klitschko, but lets see how this fight pans out. There are a few good younger heavyweights around and the division has been lacking for quite some time now. Lets hope that the era of the heavyweight is upon us once more.


Come by next time for some more sporting news. Will try and be as varied as I can.