Gym bag essentials

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since posted on my sports and fitness blog.  Let’s just say that maybe 2017 has run away from me a tad.  The one thing I’ve managed to keep on top of in 2017 so far has been my fitness.  One of the ways I’ve managed to keep on top of my fitness is by making sure that my gym bag is always packed and ready and full of everything I could need to get a quick workout in.  Essentially I’ve made my gym bag into my Mary Poppins bag of tricks, full of every essential a fitness fiend should have.  Even if you’ve been heading into the gym daily for years there’s no way you couldn’t benefit from a bag stuffed full of items to lead you to a more productive and purposeful workout.

Gym Bag Contents

The first thing to make sure that you have is a great gym bag. There are many different styles available so you should pick one that works for you.  I like to have plenty of room for extras to go into my bag, as well as plenty of pockets and smaller compartments.  

gym bags



Workout Clothes

The second things to make sure that you have in your Gym Bag is some high quality workout clothes. Without this high quality gear your workout will be subpar and you could be working harder without seeing any improvement.  Fit is obviously more important than fashion and making sure that each item fits you comfortable throughout any exercises you will be doing.  Although saying that I am a huge advocate that looking good helps you feel good so spending the money on clothes that tick both categories can help you want to come back to the gym time and time again.  One of my favourite workout clothing companies is Lulu Lemon and you can find some of their clothes cheap second hand online here;

Water Bottles

Thirdly, you will want to make sure that you have plenty of water bottles. You’ll need at least one high quality shaker bottle for you to mix protein shakes in pre and post workout, as well as a good quality water bottle so that you have plenty of liquids throughout your workout. I found a shaker bottle for sale here on

Shaker bottle



Note Pad & Paper

Number 4 on our list is a notepad and paper for you to record all your progress on. A Workout log is so important for continual and consistent progress.  If you’re trying to improve a specific section of your workout then be sure to track every session!


There is nothing worse than getting to a machine at the gym and finding that it is covered in someone else’s sweat.  Make sure you’re not this douche by laying down a towel on any machine you use.  I like to bring a small hand towel to wipe off my sweat as well so I don’t sweat on my machine towel.   I bought a terrible towel online from,

gym towel




Sixth on the list is some kind of music. Most people find that their selection of music is far more motivating than the generic music played at the gym so make sure you have something with you. And then anything else you need such as sports supplements, hairbands, headbands, post gym snack,  timer or monitor.

Thanks for all the questions about my Ironman.  Training is going great so far!