How To Find The Perfect Tennis Racket

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. A while ago I wrote about Badminton, why I enjoy it and why it is so much fun! Today I will write about his bigger brother: Tennis. It is great outdoor sport, especially for the summer. It requires proper technique, tactics and condition, the latter the most. Therefore it is an excellent workout for your hole body, which, in the long run, is beneficial to an overall, good health.

Types of Rackets

Choosing the right tennis racket is important in order to learn the game and its technique right from the beginning. Using the wrong racket can yield in a decline in the personal game. When selecting the racquet, be sure to pay attention to the size of the head, the weight and the handle as well as the overall balance. The size of the racket is important, especially for children and young adults. There are roughly three types of tennis rackets available for every level, ranging from beginner to advanced and professional.

Comfort Rackets

These rackets are mainly for beginners or people which physically and technically still have enough room to improve, but want to play a lot of beautiful tennis. The head of the racket is slightly bigger then an all-rounder, thus increasing the surface, so it is easier to hit the ball. Additionally, due to the low weight, you need less power to get the ball over the net. Even an untrained player can produce a lot of speed and the racket forgives major mistakes.

Babolat Tennis Racket

It is also advisable to equip the racket with a shock absorber (vibration damper). The low weight in conjunction with the absorber protects the player from discomfort in the arm.
A good tennis racket for beginner is a Babolat Aero Pro Drive, Pure Drive, Evoke or Rival Aero. If you new to this hobby and don't wont to invest so much, you can buy a good second hand racket at

All-Round Rackets

For advanced players an extremely good handling is very important. That is why enthusiasts as well as ambitious and team players should go for the all-rounder. They are heavier than the comfort rackets but still lighter then tournament rackets. The all-round rackets also have a bigger head than the latter ones. This makes playing the game a bit easier, but also very athletic players will find this type of tennis racket very appealing. It can be played by experienced players without any hassle.

All-Round Tennis Racket

These types of rackets are predestined to be faster and more accurate than the ones for beginners. Since even advanced players are not immune from making errors, this model also forgives minor mistakes.
Great all-round rackets are manufactured by Head which can be purchased, new as well as used, at In my opinion a good choice would be a Graphene Extreme or Extreme Pro.

Tournament Rackets

These rackets are characterized by medium to thin frame size, a smaller surface and higher weight. This gives the player more feedback. Therefore, tournament rackets offer a high degree of precision and a very good ball control. These rackets are usually much heavier than the other models for beginner or advanced players.

Professional Wilson Tennis Racket

Since they are also more rigid, they require a higher degree of experience and technique. This type of racket only forgives little mistakes. So in order to be able to play with a tournament racket optimally, very good technical skills are required.
If you are interested in a professional tennis racket, you may take at look at They develop new tennis rackets with support of the tennis legend Roger Federer.

So once you have got the right racket, it is advisable to get a proper bag. A while ago I wrote a very interesting article upon choosing the right gym bag. I hope this helps.
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