Donald Trump is his name and stupidity is his game!

Howdy folks! Ok I don’t really speak like that, even though most people would probably presume I do because I’m from Texas! A lot of people do speak like that though don’t get me wrong. Another thing that I don’t have in common with a lot of people living here in Texas is actually going to be the topic for discussion in today’s blog entry. It may be a little off topic but it’s something that is affecting me personally and just about every other person here in America. So, if you haven’t guessed it……Donald Trump is his name and stupidity is his game!

That’s right guys and gals, Donald Trump is an absolute idiot but scarily enough a big proportion of the American population actually believe he talks some sort of sense. The majority of which perhaps unsurprisingly seem to be residing here in Texas. But, I am hopefully going to educate y’all on a few facts and ideas that will hopefully make you see sense, if you haven’t already.  

First things first. Americas whole existence is based on the concept of immigration so trying to shut immigrants out all together is just plain hypocritical. Americas by-line is meant to say ‘the land of the free’; a country in which people can find freedom. What’s so free about shutting people out and closing ourselves off from the rest of the world? Also, I hate to break it to ya but Donald Trump has is hand in the back pocket (and probably the front one too….) of every corporation and big business man going so do you really think that any of the decisions that he makes won’t be infiltrated. Of course they will be. Every move he makes will be done so in order to benefit them not us. In fact it’s all about them and us with Mr.Trump. Us Americans, them Mexicans…